Encuentro Debates #2. Sixty Years Cuban Revolution. New Hopes and Challenges.

1 April 2019, 19:00 to 21:00


The 1st of April, ENCUENTRO will look back on sixty years of Cuban revolution and open the dialogue on the new hopes and challenges facing the country. 

More information to be announced soon!

A debate with:

- Aissa Naranjo is a Cuban general practitioner in a 'policlinico' in Havana. Dr Naranjo is an expert in the field of primary health care, and knows the functioning and vision behind the Cuban health system from the first row. https://vimeo.com/272370816

- Marc Vandepitte is a teacher, philosopher, author and political analyst on several international themes. He is the co-author of several books on Cuba: De Gok van Fidel (1998), Cuba, een andere wereld is mogelijk (2002), De Factor Fidel (2008) and Ontmoetingen met Fidel Castro (2009).

Rafael Pedemonte is an historian and a specialist on the Cold War in Latin America, particularly in Cuba and Chile. His current research project focuses on the Cuban revolutionary history in a global perspective and on the idea of revolution in the 20th-Century Latin America.