Crisis and hope in Central America

9 May 2019, 19:00 to 21:00

Date: 9th of May

Time: 19:00-21:00

Location: De Markten, Brussels.



In collaboration with Broederlijk Delen.

Three decades after the region's revolutions and dictatorships, illusions of democracy and peace in Central America are a long way off. The region faces mounting levels of state repression against activists, corruption and ecologic destruction which have caused mass migration to the United States and severe political crises.

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This debate will focus on the current challenges facing Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua and the region as a whole. How can we understand distinct national crises within a broader regional development? How is civil society organizing resistance against the steady erosion of the rule of law? Which hopes and threats lie ahead?

➤ Frauke Decoodt – Journalist, specialized in Honduras.
➤ Alexandra Sanchez – Doctoral researcher at KU Leuven, specialized in Latin-American migration to the US.
➤ Melissa Vida – Journalist, specialized in El Salvador.
➤ Joren Janssens – Historian at KU Leuven, specialized in military regimes and armed conflicts in Guatemala.
➤ René Rodriguez-Fabilena – Sociologist at UA, specialized in environmental governance in Nicaragua.
➤ Wies Willems – Policy officer at Broederlijk Delen, specialized in natural resources.

Moderator: An Baccaert – Journalist specialized in Latin America at VRT, Flemish Radio and Television.

Debate in English, with simultaneous translation into Dutch.